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We are so grateful you're here, and hope you enjoy browsing our selection of toffees and candies!

Brown's English Toffee was founded in 1985, and we have had the privilege of sharing our toffee and Celtic candies with thousands of people across the United States since then. 

We are so proud to be able to share a bit of our own personal English & Celtic heritage with you. We couldn't think of a better way to share our family's history than through the art of candy making!

All of our recipes are traditional, and many are hundreds of years old. We make all of our products in small-batches, by hand with wooden spoons. We believe this attention to detail, care and patience is the only way to accurately capture the true flavors of our products... And history.

As a small business, we greatly appreciate your support and vow to continue the tradition of high-quality toffee and candy products that Brown's has been known for over the past three decades!

We hope to see you soon at an event, and we hope you enjoy your time in our online shop for now!



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2023 Event Schedule

October 13-15, 2023 - Las Vegas, NV

Age of Chivalry Renaissance Festival

October 27-29, 2023 - Pleasanton, CA

Pleasanton Harvest Festival

November 10-12, 2023 - San Mateo, CA

San Mateo Harvest Festival

November 17-19, 2023 - Sacramento, CA

Sacramento Harvest Festival

December 1-3, 2023 - Pomona, CA

Pomona Harvest Festival